DIY reflecting Blue Wave safety pin jewelry

Materials for necklace above:

  • 2mm rattail satin cord. (I recommend turquoise, blue, white, grey, or silver)
  • 100- everyday 1″ silver safety pins
  • 100-4mm blue, turquoise, or white miracle beads (if you can’t find miracle beads use a contrasting color that is lighter or darker than your other beads)
  • 1 to 5 colors of size 6 seed beads (E beads)
  • needle and thread the same color as your satin cord
  • measuring tape to measure your neck, wrist, ankle
  • Scotch tape
  • Another safety pin as a very appropriate clasp
  • Optional dab of glue, wax, or nail polishBluePatternMaterials

Prepare a length of your satin cord to twice the length you want your necklace plus another six to eight inches. Protect one end of your cord from fraying by wrapping a tiny piece of clear tape to the end of it. Twist it into a needle shape to feed it through the tail of the safety pins. (You can also use glue or nail polish if you feel like waiting for it to dry)


Follow the diagrammed pattern above. Pick up a safety pin and add a miracle bead, then two medium blue beads, then two light blue beads. Make two of these and string the looped tail of the safety pins onto your satin cord. (This repeat is important to make it look like a wave instead of a zigzag.) Make sure your safety pins are always facing the same direction. The next pin should start with dark blue–then miracle bead–then one medium blue–then two light blues. You will always have five beads to a pin.

You do not need to only use 3 colors of beads. For this project you can do one color of blue background and just do the wave in a contrasting color OR you can use 5 different shades of blue light to dark with whatever contrasting wave color you want.

Slide the pins down as needed to give you a 3″ tail of cord near where you started. When you have strung all of your pins, check over your work then loop back through the head of the last pin you added and continue stringing through the rest of the heads of the safety pins. When you’ve finished temporarily knot the two ends of the satin cord together to measure it or fit it. Make adjustments as needed.

When you are satisfied with the length, use your needle and thread to stitch the two ends of the cord together so that when you hold the necklace up the loops coming out of both ends are equal and not too long. You can put a little bit of glue or wax on the stitched ends to keep them from fraying.

Use plain 1″ silver safety pin as a clasp. Voila!


These are super easy to make. You will need 80 to 200 of the 1″ size safety pins to make a choker, collar or necklace. Any of those sizes look great. Determine the size necklace you want in inches and multiply by 7.2 or so.  The one above is exactly 100 which is a custom choker size for someone with a 14″ neck.

These can be scaled down for bracelets and anklets by using 1″, 7/8″, or 3/4″ safety pins.

The 4mm miracle beads are too big for the medium and small safety pins–you will need to use size 8, 10, or 11 seed beads to get the blue wave pattern on those.

You can make a set of earrings in 5 minutes with needle nose pliers, a large silver jump ring and earring hooks.

If you make one of these, you will give me a huge thrill by post a picture of it in the comments below!

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