Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders

Oddball Art Labs organized an amazing art show with a huge reception on July 13, 2018 at Artspace in downtown Elgin, IL. If you ever have a chance to participate in one of their show/happenings jump on it! The show was a blast of pop surrealism. Click here to go to their Facebook page and see some video and more photos from the show.

JAM Arts’ contribution was a bead mosaic vase entitled “The Hapless Missionaries Arrive on the Ravenous ExoMoon.” I finished it the day before the entry deadline. Here’s a cell phone shot of it. (If you look closely you can see that the glue is still white because it is fresh, fresh, fresh.)


…Ravenous Exomoon was inspired by my youngest daughter’s TY toys with giant eyes and some homage to Lisa Frank, as well.

Here are some more cell phone shots from Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders:



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